Our Services

Ekinci Economics Consulting (EEC) is an independent macro-economic and micro-economic research firm based in Istanbul.

Its main research area is emerging countries (political, macroeconomic, microeconomic and monetary developments in these countries). The firm assesses the impacts of global developments particularly in the financial markets of these countries.

We provide:

  • Daily, monthly and flash commentary reports to our clients
  • Summary notes from our Ankara visits and meetings with high-level bureaucrats and politicians
  • Macroeconomic forecasts based on financial modeling, markets surveys and structure
  • Interviews with high-level bureaucrats, businessmen and politicians
  • Bespoke research for our unique clients, tailored for their own unique needs and accesses
  • In-depth macroeconomic and market analysis
  • Regular conference calls, online trainings and strategy calls
  • Country-specific presentations

We provide flash commentaries and analysis about the economy of Turkey on topics of politics and financial markets constantly to our clients designed for their own particular needs.

You can see some of our previous reports and sample reports in this website.

All our actual reports will be delivered to e-mail addresses  of our clients.